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Church Fact Sheet


Harrowgate Hill Christian Fellowship

Denomination: Evangelical / Pentecostal

We are a local church at the heart of the community and are based in Crosby Street in the Harrowgate Hill area of Darlington, where we have been since 1931. We form part of the Northern Region of The Apostolic Church which consists of six other assemblies from Middlesbrough in the South to Newcastle and Gosforth in the North.

The ministry team consists of an ordained lay pastor supported by a leadership team who share in the ministry and administration of assembly activities. We are also supported by a full time apostle who resides in Stockton and who is also the overseeing superintendent of the region as well as being the deputy national leader. We actively support Teen Challenge, a drug rehabilitation charity, Missionary Ventures and the Apostolic Church’s Action Overseas projects.

Besides the Sunday and Weekday Services mentioned on this page, a House Group meet during the week. We also hold a weekly Ladies' Crafts Class in the Crosby Street church on Wednesdays at 1pm.

Church Address and Web Site:
Address: 52 Crosby Street
Darlington. DL3 0HD
Sunday Services:
10.00am: Prayer Meeting
10.30am: Worship & Communion
10.30am: Junior Church
Weekday Services/Activities:
Tuesday, 9-15am: P.A.T.CH. (play at the church) Mothers and toddlers. (Except school Holidays.) Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday, 9.15am: P.A.T.CH.
1.00pm: Women's Crafts Class.
till 2-30pm (Except school holidays)
Various evenings: House Groups (Fellowship / Bible Study)
Contact One:
Name: Pastor Graham Jones
Tel: 01325 486910
Contact Two:
Name: -
Tel: -
Email: -

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