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A warm welcome from the Church in Darlington!

This site is produced by Churches Together in Darlington, serving many of the town's Christian churches.

We have deliberately used the singular word "Church", to bring out our togetherness in Christ. We may worship in different ways, but we all believe in the same Trinitarian God. You can read more about us from a link within the Information page.

In the meantime, do explore the site and please get in touch with us; we really would like to hear from you. And here's a rough guide to what is available on some of the pages:

The Churches

Information about each church, including Service times and whom to contact.

If your church is one of those with missing details, do please have a word with one of the clergy or other leaders and ask them to give us the information.

Churches Map

A Google interactive map, with markers for all the Christian churches in Darlington, and a clickable link to the church's data page.

Sunday Services

A page listing Sunday services for many of the churches in the town. If you are looking for a service at a particular time or in a specific area this is the place for you.


Initiatives from within the churches.


Not so much gossip as matters of interest - many of which could lead to prayer on your part.


Matters of concern locally that you can include in your prayers.

What's On

Details of events that cater for more people than simply the host church. For basic details of these and other events you can access a diary from within the Information page.


All sorts of things, including a note of recent changes to our site.


A listing of church organisations offering services to the general public. Hospital chaplaincy, work work in town, furniture re-use scheme, etc.



Covid-19 Consequences

The events noted below have been cancelled, as has the Act of Witness, on Good Friday.

The response of the church community is now focussed on helping the vulnerable with practicalties and ensuring their mental well-being through social contact by telephone or other remote means.


Sat. 28 March:
Big Quiz Night
in support of Christian Aid.

Click here for further details.

Cancelled C_Aid

Break for Lent:

Five Mondays in Lent 2020
from 2nd March, in St Cuthbert's Hall
10.30 am: Coffee /Tea/ Scone
11.00 am: Speaker
Finish by 11.30 am
Theme based around the York Course: "Build on The Rock"

Click here for further details.

Cancelled Dali Crucifixion

Stainer's Crucifixion

"The Crucifixion"
at St Andrew's Sadberge
6.00pm Sunday 5th April

Click here for further details.

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